Femto-Lasik is the latest laser surgery for treating myopia, astigmatism and low amounts of hyperopia. The correction is not applied on the surface, but within the cornea. Therefore, a Femto-Laser system creates a flap at about 100 micrometer thickness.

The flap is then opened and the correction applied with an Excimer laser system within the corneal tissue. The flap is then replaced and cleaned. After 3-5 hours the foreign body sensation and tearing will cease and vision starts to clear.

In most cases (e.g. myopia) the improved vision will be seen the day after surgery. The Femto-Lasik method is very accurate and safety has much improved compared to the older Mikrokeratom technique. If a re-treatment is necessary, the flap can easily be opened again even after months. This procedure is more expensive than the surface treatments, as two laser systems are needed providing a higher comfort level.