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On this website you can find updated information on most recent therapies for most corneal diseases.

The life of corneal surgeons is very exciting as there is currently a large number of new surgical and laser therapies available that we can offer to our patients.
It is our primary goal to offer most recent and innovative corneal surgery in Zurich.

The most corneal diseases that we treat are as follows:

  • Pterygium: we use the PECA with fibrin glue technique
  • Fuchs-Dystrophy: beside the standard DSAEK technique we have currently switched to the DMEK technique, the most recent and most promising technique for endothelial transplantation.
  • Keratokonus: offered standard therapies are corneal UV-Crosslinking (CXL) to stabilise progression, implantation of intracorneal rings (Intacs) to flatten the cone, deep , deep anterior lameller keratoplasty (DALK) and penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) Furthermore, we are offering two new approaches:
    – Topoguided-PRK and Crosslinking: this is a very innovative solution to stabilise the keratoconus and improve vision with a specialised laser ablation at the same time. This treatment will help to avoid corneal transplantation and improve quality of life tremendously.
    – Bowman’s layer Transplantation: this new transplantion is very promising in reducing the steepness of the cone and might even help in stabilising the disease and can be offered to a subgroup of patients.
  • On the following pages on can get an insight into corneal diseases and their therapy. This will help you to get an overview on possible treatments but it can not replace a individualised consult with your doctor. We are happy to support you in collaboration with your private doctor.

    Dr. med. Alex P. Lange